The Northern Host

The Northern Host isn’t a nation in the traditional sense. Instead, it’s a name given to the numerous clans and tribes of nomads that roam the Northern Range.

The Host is a collection of various races who have chosen to live away from the established realms to the south and live on the forested slopes of the mountains. Because the mountains are unpatrolled by any miltary forces, the Host remains a mobile society to avoid entangling with the monstrous races that share the mountainsides.

During the harsh weather of the Season of Woe, the Host usually migrates to lower altitudes, sometimes moving onto the plains themselves. This migration not only avoids the freezing temperatures, but moves away from the increasing numbers of monsters that descend from even higher in the mountains.

In general, they do not bother with the lowland cities. Individual members of the Northern Host have been known to approach smaller towns and larger cities on ocassion to trade for goods. They usually receive warmer welcome from the smaller communities who willingly trade for the more obscure goods from the mountains, things that would otherwise be too costly from the cities.

The citizens of the larger cities, on the other hand, treat the traders from the Host with suspicion and disdain. The thought of someone forsaking civilized life to eke out a living in the wilderness is a bewildering concept. At worst, cityfolk suspect the members of the Northern Host of consorting with the monstrous creatures of the mountains, a perception that is only reinforced by the considerable number of half-orcs that choose the life of a nomad.

The Northern Host

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