Roleo's Olio

Proprietor: Sten Roleo

Like Dreamborne, Roleo’s Olio is a shop devoted to odds and ends from various cultures. Unlike Elijah Dornan’s business, Sten’s shop is neither organized nor stocked with finer merchandise. Many of the denizens of River’s Run liken the shop to a junk pile but admit it is still a good place to look when searching for hard to find items.

The shop itself is crammed with shelves, leaving very little room for patrons to navigate. Each shelf is piled with various goods in no particular order or any degree of neatness. Regardless of the condition the shop is kept in, there is no end to the customers willing to dig and sort through mess.

Roleo himself is a clean and rather fastidious peronality. The shop, however, belies his absent-mindedness and the relative ease with which he is distracted. The fact that his neighbors refer to him as the Magpie doesn’t seem to bother him nor does it appear that he is aware of that fact.

It is also said that Kierga uses Roleo’s shop to dump stolen goods, knowing full well that Sten doesn’t think about where the items are coming from. To date, nothing stolen has been recovered from his shelves, though the constabulary makes frequent visits.

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Roleo's Olio

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