Proprietor: Kierga the Black

Near the saw mills on the west side of town is a series of storehouses used to age the lumber processed there. One of these warehouses has had it’s interior redesigned to serve as an inn and gambling den. With the so many well-to-do types being drawn to River’s Run, it is inevitable that the shadowy side of civilization finds it’s niche.

Kierga’s is not listed among the official businesses of River’s Run, but it pays it’s taxes just as the others do and thereby averting town officials’ attention elsewhere. Kierga the Black, named so for his dark skin so unlike that of the typical half-orc, maintains a congenial face to the community while at the same time keeping the thugs that frequent his establishment in line.

The warehouse provides strong drink, a place to lie low, and any variety of gambling. The regulars will bet on almost anything that occurs both in the establishment and anywhere in River’s run.

Kierga also personally organizes regularly scheduled fights complete with rankings and titles. These gladiatorial matches are never to the death and serious injury is frowned upon. This isn’t out of any kind of concern for the fighters themselves but the ability to keep a healthy stable of combatants to continue both the fights and the profits that come with them.

Whispers on the street claim that Kierga and a fair amount of his patrons are in fact a criminal guild, a fact that Kierga never admits to but has yet to refute.

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