Proprietor: Elijah Dornan

Elijah has always dreamed of traveling the world but due to poor health as a child, could never survive the long journeys involved. Instead, he made a single trip to River’s Run, where the world would come to him.

Over the years, he met countless people and exchange stories with each and everyone. Often, they would leave him with gifts in exchange for his tales. His collection became legendary among the residents of River’s Run and many would come to offer to trade or purchase particular pieces. Elijah’s home soon became a meeting place where people would trade knick knacks and other items of cultural curiosity. Desiring to regain some privacy in his own home, Elijah opened a new business named Dreamborne on the eastern side of town, not far from the World Academy.

Dreamborne is part storefront, part clearinghouse, part auction house, and part consignment. Most of the goods that pass through Dreamborne are of an artistic and ornamental nature rather than functional and and almost always of specific cultural design. It is not unheard of for actual relics to pass through the doors. When such artifacts find their way into Elijah’s hands, word swiftly flies through the collector community and the resulting auction becomes a major event in River’s Run.

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