Crystal Lilies

Proprietor: Chrysalis

Crystal Lilies is located in the northern outskirts of River’s Run and from outward appearances is more a grand estate than a place of business. A spacious two-story building sits at the center of a meticulously gardened plot with half a dozen smaller, yet still large, one-story buildings scattered around the property.

Oficially, Crystal Lilies is an inn and does serve in that capacity. However, it is an open secret that the establishment also offers companionship of all kinds. More than a house of ill repute, Crystal Lilies provides the comforts of home for travelers and students of the World Academy who become homesick or otherwise desire a reminder of their homelands. One of the outlying buildings has even been given over to the dwarves to serve as a stonemate house. That is not to say that more intimate business arrangements do not take place within the estate.

As a result of the relaxed social setting, Crystal Lilies also sees quite a bit of business dealings that are strictly off the record. Anyone looking for information of note would do well to ask around the multiple common rooms.

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Crystal Lilies

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