(1/1-11 AR: Year 1/Season 1-11 in the Age of Recollection)

1/9 AR: The nations of Impernia discover that the previous century has been erased from memory and recorded history. The Age of Recollection Begins.

1/11 AR: Emperor Ceiran Joryn blames the unexplained loss on Quelinas magic. Ceiran’s cousins, Count Lauris Joryn of Ironcrest and Governor Naomi Joryn of River’s Run, rush to smooth over the insult to the eladrin.

2/3 AR: Emperor Joryn issues an edict that all vassals break off contact with the Crystal Veil. Count Joryn, Governor Joryn, Count Elton Cooper of Broling, and Countess Sherise Fischer of Terin protest the order.

2/4 AR: Quelinas recalls it’s emissaries from human realms before transference back to the Feywild, disregarding pleas from Ironcrest and River’s Run. A handful of eladrin remain behind by their own choice.

2/9 AR: After repeated attempts to convince her cousin to revoke the embargo against Quelinas, the High Curator requests asylum from Sylvandras for all of River’s Run, claiming the Imperial throne no longer has the best interest of unity in his heart. Armed elves arrive in River’s Run within two days.

3/1 AR: Word of the betrayal of River’s Run reaches the Emperor, who orders Parinth and Nering Counties to remove his cousin from her position.

3/3 AR: Armies from Parinth and Nering arrive at the Temperance River and set up camp. River’s Run is reported to be reinforced by elven-grown battlements.

3/4 AR: Unable to lay seige on River’s Run because of it’s placement between the two rivers, engineers of the Jorynian army begins to construct a dam downstream in order to flood out the city.

4/2 AR: The dam’s completion is delayed for nearly a year by elven saboteurs. Eladrin magic is suspected to aid in the sabotage. Despite pleas from Sutherford, the dam’s construction is complete.

4/2 AR: Citizens of River’s Run panic as water begins to rise, many homes and businesses near the riverbanks are either flooded out or washed away. Two days later, the dam is destroyed by powerful magics. Sutherford claims responsibility, stating that the reduction of water would result in catastrophic losses in crop yields.

4/3 AR: Emperor Joryn declares his own cousin, Governor Merec Joryn of Sutherford, a traitor to the Empire in colusion with River’s Run. Erwood and Farlo Counties are ordered to reinforce Parinth and Nering at River’s Run and seize Sutherford.

4/6 AR: The Farlo army arrives at Sutherford and begins it’s seige. The halflings of Barley evacuate the region, not wanting to get caught up in the humans’ war.

5/5 AR: The seiges of River’s Run and Sutherford continue for nearly one year, exhausting supplies on all side. The elves are the only saving grace of River’s Run while Sutherford relies on it’s storehouses of harvested foodstuffs. The seiging forces are forced to extend their supply lines, relying on supplies from the northern counties.

Count Lauris Joryn of Ironcrest declares independence from Jorynia, stating that the Emperor’s claim to the Empire is in question. With the loss of the world’s past, there are no records to confirm the true heir to the throne.

5/6 AR: Broling and Terin Counties swear fealty to the new Kingdom of Ironcrest.

5/11 AR: The combined armies of Ironcrest, Broling, and Terin lay seige to Forge. The city quickly surrenders and Count Brendan Ashcroft, along with his family, are sent back to Joryn. King Joryn turns the county over to his brother, Keris Joryn.

6/1 AR: The army mustered from Collin County arrives in Ashcroft too late to aid the count but too soon for the newly placed duke to fortify the bridge at the border. The massed armies at Forge deters the invaders from laying siege to the city. Collin forces begin a campaign against outlying communities to deny Forge local food supplies.

6/3 AR: Emperor Joryn officially declares war against the traitors of the Ironcrest regime.

6/4 AR: The duchies of Ironcrest form a united front at the Humanity River while trying to oust the roving units of Jorynian cavalry from the interior. The Jorynian guerillas force the smaller communities to abandon their homes and seek shelter in the larger cities.

6/9 AR: Forge doubles in size from refugees and increased construction of smithies and smelteries to fuel the Ironcrest war machine.

6/11 AR: Dwarves from Stonegaard arrive in Forge to assist in fortifying the city’s defenses. The dwarves officially remain out of the conflict, though small numbers of dwarves are seen fighting amidst the human armies of Ironcrest.

7/3 AR: Ironcrest goes on the offensive after seizing control of the bridge over the Humanity River. Collin County is hard pressed by the heavily armored infantry moving across the countryside, calling for aid from Brighton and Westhaven Counties. Westhaven denies support due to continued action at River’s Run and Sutherford.

7/5 AR: Brighton forces arrive in Collin County only to find the Ironcrest army has disappeared. Crops have been seized and the land burned.

7/10 AR: The population of Joryn City swells with refugees reporting an army moving toward the Imperial capitol. Military scouts are unable to confirm the presence of the invaders.

8/3 AR: A heavily armed army complete with seige engines is seen at the walls of Joryn City near the end of the spring thaw. King Joryn is seen at the head of the army, demanding his cousin abdicate the Imperial throne.

8/4 AR: Citizens flee the city across the Imperial Sea via the fishing fleet as the Ironcrest army watches. Orders are sent out for the Jorynian armies abroad to cease their operations and repulse the Ironcrest invasion.

8/6 AR: Unable to starve out the well-stocked city and having spotted armies returning home, Ironcrest begins it’s assault against Imperial walls. In a fit of rage at the audacity of his cousin, the Emperor is bed ridden after a heart attack.

8/6 AR: Rodrick Joryn, the eldest son of the Emperor, orders the gates to the city open. The soldiers of Ironcrest rush in to find the city largely abandoned. As the army filters into the city, it finds itself under attack by ambushers intimately familiar with the streets.

8/8 AR: Two months of city-fighting leave Joryn in shambles. Archmage Avaroth the Manhunter demands that the fighting cease before his estate is threatened by the war. Both Joryn leaders disregard the wizard’s demands, stating that as a loyalist to the family line, he choose sides.

8/9 AR: Avaroth calls for a meeting between himself and the royals in his tower. During the summit, a wave of magical energy sweeps through the city, annihilating every living thing within the walls. The archmage instructs the two Joryns to leave the ruined city and never return.

8/10 AR: Roderick crosses the inland sea to join the surivors who fled the city while Lauris returns with what is left of his army to Ironcrest. Both nations are left with severely depeleted armies and much of their farmlands have been devestated by the military actions. An unofficial truce is called while they try to rebuild and provide for their people.


150/9 AR: Deva appear on Impernia

154/9 AR: Game begins

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