The Western Shieldwall

The Western Shieldwall

The Western Shieldwall in the northwest of Impernia is home not only to the dwarves of Stonegaard but houses the royal house of Ironcrest. This stretch of mountainous terrain is well explored and mapped by the dwarves, both on the surface and below.

On the eastern face of the mountains, alpine forests are dotted with countless mines and dwarven watch stations. The riches found beneath earth and stone have yet to be exhausted, a fact that seems to be shared with the plains at the base of these mountains. The watch stations purpose is keep vigil against the movements of the small orc tribes that wander the region and make ocassional forays into the mining settlements on the surface.

The House of the Setting Sun is located on these same cliffs, it’s facing pointed westward. It is a temple devoted to the passing of the sun and the passing of life. The House of the Rising Sun, it’s sister temple, is located on the seaside cliffs of the Eastern Ramparts.

On the far side of the Western Shieldwall, the towering mountains are nothing more than monolithic cliffs that plunge into the ocean below. From the sea, it is clear as to why the mountains were given their name, the sheer precipice from sea level making them nigh impenetrable.

The southern reach of the range provides the only access to the top of the Pedestal of the Heavens that doesn’t involve the arcane elevators that lift people and trade from the forest floor of the Crystal Veil Woods below.

From there, the mountains eventually give way to foothills that terminate at the edge of the White Desert.

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The Western Shieldwall

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