The Kingdom of Ironcrest

The Kingdom of Ironcrest

Major Cities

Ironcrest, Throne City
Brolington, seat of the Duchy of Broling
Forge, seat of the Duchy of Ashcroft
Silver Bough, seat of the Duchy of Terin


The Kingdom of Ironcrest is located at the western end of the northern plains. The Northern Range and Western Shieldwall mark their respective borders, while the Crystal Veil Woods to the south and Humanity River to the east round out the boundaries.

The lands of Ironcrest consist primarily of rolling to rocky hills with very littel fertile farmland. What farms do exist produce only enough food to keep their respective communities fed. The cities are forced to import their consumables from Jorynia.

Though poor in arable farmland, Ironcrest is rich in minerals and stone quarries. The major exports of the land are ores, metals, stones, and finished products. Because of this industry, the landscape is marked by open pit mining operations, deep quarries, and countless mineshafts.

Ancient cistern towers wrought by forgotten magic are scattered across the region. Some of fallen into ruin, the magic from them gone. Others still loom over their surroundings, providing water to all within two miles distance like an oasis.


The majority of Ironcrest’s income comes from ores, refined metals, stone quarries, and finished products. Farming in the region is just enough to sustain the general populations. The major cities supplement their consumables through trade with Jorynia. Luxury goods are imported.


The people are primarily self-sufficient, relying only on the kingdom when it comes to war and major invasions from the Northern Range. The populace is hardy and somewhat stoic due to these factors and the harsh conditions of the land. Taxes are moderate and willingly paid.


Ironcrest is recognized as the strongest military power in the known world. The militia is well-equipped and organized. Fortifications dot the landscape, each well stocked with supplies and armed with siege engines.

The centerpiece of Ironcrest’s military is the King’s Own, also known as the Justicars. These knights lead the basic military units and also act as the law of the land, speaking with the authority of the King. The title of Knight is both bestowed by the King and hereditary.

Diplomatic Relations

The Jorynian Empire

Although the two realms maintain a friendly relationship, the two disagree on a wide variety of concerns. Trade between the two is healthy, as Ironcrest purchases agricultural supplies and foodstuffs from the Empire and sells it’s own weapons, tools, and raw materials to Jorynia. Each member of Ironcrest’s Justicars is gifted a Jorynian warhorse from the king upon their knighting.


Like every other nation, Ironcrest imports a vast amount of halfling alcohol from this region. Two Justicars command the two companies of soldiers that lend their services to patrol the vast and lush fields of Barley.

Moss Keep

Two companies of Ironcrest soldiers, lead by a small unit of knights, is garrisoned in Moss Keep to help protect the coastline from the frequent marauders of the oceanic tribes.


Ironcrest maintains an amicable relationship with the temporal city of Quelinas. The eladrin supply the kingdom with a wide variety of magical goods and supplies. In addition, a rotating staff of eladrin magicians serve tenures at Ironcrest’s War College.

River’s Run

Ironcrest sells tools and supplies to River Run but the quaint town and purchases the elf-harvested wood the town is known for. The kingdom had offered at one point to supply a squad of soldiers to help defend the town but the elves of Sylvandras objected to the presence of any Ironcrest soldiers.


Ironcrest and Stonegaard share an excellent relationship with each other, so strong that a subterranean highway links the capital of the kingdom to the realm of the dwarves. The Western Shieldwall houses a great many mines that are shared by the two nations.


Because of the distance of between the kingdom and the riverside city of Sutherford, the only trade goods imported are luxury goods. The distance is simply to vast for foodstuffs to make the trip without spoiling. Ironcrest aids in the defense and security of Sutherford by providing a company of soldiers lead by a single Justicar.


The elves of Sylvandras and men of Ironcrest are on tense terms. Even with constant requests from the elves to cease their actions, the lumber industry of Silver Bow continues to harvest the ancient trees of the Crystal Veil Woods.

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