The Jorynian Empire

The Jorynian Empire

Major Cities

New Joryn, Capital
Collinsville, seat of Collin County
Beacon, seat of Brighton County
Heronshire, seat of Westhaven County
Oak Glen, seat of Erwood County
Ringwood, seat of Nering County
Eight Pillars, seat of Parinth County
Farlo Keep, seat of Farlo County


From the Northern Range to the Temperance River and from the Eastern Ramparts to the Crystal Veil Woods and the Humanity River, Jorynia is the largest nation in the known world.

Though the surrounding foothills are rocky and can be unforgiving, the majority of the realm is dominated by lush fields and vast grasslands. Like it’s sister nation to the west, Jorynia’s landscape is dotted by the mysterious cistern towers. Like those in Ironcrest, they are in various states of disrepair.


Jorynia’s largest economic asset is it’s agricultural goods, being highly sought after by Ironcrest’s population as well as the numerous small communities along the southern coast. As well as being a rich and fertile place to grow countless crops, the open fields are home to Jorynia’s famed horses.


The people are left to themselves for the most part. Every land owner holds the title of Lord, regardless of the size of their holdings. The Counts don’t so much rule their lands so much as they ensure their safety and productivity.

Upon birth, every citizen of Jorynia receives two tokens. The first, a thin copper disc stamped with the seal of the Empire, signifies their citizenship. The second is a leather disc that is stamped with a variety of stylized horseheads. The mark is dependant on the newborns station within the Empire. Upon reaching the age of majority, the citizen is allowed to select a horse from imperial-sanctioned breeders according to their horsemark.


The Jorynian military is famed for the skill of it’s mounted combatants. Both it’s light and heavy cavalries, as well as it’s mounted archers, are respected across the lands. These forces spend a good amount of their time defending the realm from the Wolfriders that ride regularly from the Eastern Ramparts.

Diplomatic Relations

The Kingdom of Ironcrest

Politically speaking, the two nations maintain an excellent trade relationship. It is, however, an poorly kept secret that the Jorynians harbor a distaste for Ironcrest’s industrial domination and stern lifestyle. The people of Jorynia also regard the Ironcrest regime, and it’s vassals, as something of an exile due to it’s separation from the original Joryn rule of the lands.


With so much of the halflings’ lands devoted to the production of it’s famed alcohols, little of it’s lush grasslands is left to growing staple crops. In exhange for it’s luxury items, Barley receives much of it’s foodstuffs from the farmers of Jorynia. As a part of their agreements, the Empire provides two brigades to watch of the surrounding lands.

Moss Keep

As part of the accord to secure the southern shores, Jorynia provides two brigades to patrol the coastlines. Due to the marshy conditions of the delta where Moss Keep stands, these patrols tend to range far from the support of the keep, where the land is much firmer.


Due to the history the Empire has with the arcane, Jorynia maintains an aloof relationship with Quelinas. The inherent magic in the eladrin lifestyle invokes a great mistrust not only among the Imperial court, but with the Jorynian people as well.

River’s Run

Jorynia enjoys an amicable relationship with River Run. The small town has little to offer in the area of trade goods but imports a good deal of Jorynian agriculture nonetheless. One brigade of light cavalry maintains a garrison just outside of town.


Because of the distance and terrain between the two nations, the only contact Jorynia has with Stonegaard is through Ironcrest.


Jorynia trades it’s staple goods for the luxury foods and materials Sutherford produces from it’s rich grounds, where it shares the same soil as the famed vineyards of Barley. Joryn provides one brigade for Sutherford’s defenses.


The relationship between Jorynia and Sylvandras is friendly. While no trade exists between the two, there is a mutual respect based on the care Jorynia shows to it’s environment.

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