The First March

The First March (WIP)

When Vengar Joryn first lead the humans to the new land, his ships landed on the southern shores of Impernia. From west to east, the entire coastline was made up of thick swamplands, all of it of ill use for settlement. At the center of the coast, in the middle of a vast river delta, was a single escarpment of solid ground.

It was here that Moss Keep was built as the first line of defense against raiders from the sea. Up and down the coast, smaller keeps were built to serve as waystations for patrol vessels. This chain of defensive position, along with the small fleet of light warships, established the first border that would define reach of the future Jorynian Empire and as such, the region was dubbed the First March of Jorynia.

Over the centuries, no threat was ever seen to come from across the sees and the majority of the outlying posts fell into disuse and disrepair. Moss Keep itself is in need of heavy overhaul and repair but the splinter realms of the former Empire have been unable or unwilling to establish ownership of the fortress and the surrounding swamplands.

The swamps themselves still provide a natural barrier against any potential seaborne invasion. The trees and undergrowth are too thick and the ground to soggy to allow the passage of any armies nor the landing of any vessels without first undergoing major construction.

Amidst lush flora live several tribes of lizardfolk, kobolds, and other creatures willing to live in such conditions. Several of the abandoned watch stations have been taken over by such beings and have, at times, come into conflict with each other as well as the occasional patrol from Moss Keep.

The First March

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