The Eastern Ramparts

The Eastern Ramparts

Across the northern plains of Impernia from the Western Shieldwall lies the sister mountains, the Eastern Ramparts.

Like the Shieldwall, the Eastern Ramparts boast an alpine forests on this slopes and also has a smattering of mine enterances across it’s surface. Unlike those in the western range, the mines here have been abandoned for centuries and every single one has had it’s tunnels collapsed at varying depths.

Also unlike the Western Shieldwall, the citizens of Jorynia at the foot of the Ramparts suffer from continuous raids by Wolfriders. Though not all of the raiders from the mountains ride wolves, or are orcs for that matter, they all seem to answer to an orc warleader who has yet to be identified.

According to the dwarves of Stonegaard, a dwarven city used to exist deep in the Eastern Ramparts but all contact with it was lost over two centuries ago. All records of it’s existence vanished from Stonegaard’s libraries and the elder dwarves who are old enough to remember it are curiously tight-lipped.

The Eastern Ramparts also soar over the sea to the east, presenting a castle-like rampart to any ocean-going vessels. It is also off the shore of this cliffs that the Maelstrom Bay whirls in it’s frenzy to devour the sea.

High atop the cliffs, facing the sea, is a temple known as the the House of the Rising Sun. It is dedicated to the glory of the sun and it’s life-giving power. A sister temple, the House of the Setting Sun is located on the cliffs of the Western Shieldwall.

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The Eastern Ramparts

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