Ruler: Lord Governor Perris Joryn



Sutherford is among the oldest human cities of Impernia, second only to Moss Keep. Located in the rich and fertile river valley between the Charity River and Patience River, it is the first place the ancient Joryn bloodline set it’s roots after leaving Moss Keep to explore Impernia.

The halflings of Barley, to the north, had welcomed the settlers with some trepidation, fearing the large number of tall folk would strain the land around them.

As the population of Sutherford grew, the Emperor promised he would move his people on rather than threaten the halflings’ livelihoods. Rather than abandon the city entirely, Joryn sent settlers further north to pave the way for his eventual move to what would later become the seat of the Jorynian Empire.

Modern day Sutherford no longer has the prestige and glamour of it’s early days, now serving as a hub for the surrounding farms and trade convoys from across the land. The city is still ruled by a man of Joryn blood but maintains no political ties with the Kingdom of Ironcrest or Jorynia.

Sutherford defends itself with it’s own militia, which is bolstered by units supplied from both Ironcrest and Jorynia.


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