The Stonebreakers are the military masons of the dwarven nation. They are responsible for the construction and maintenance of all fortified structures. Along with the Adamantine Guard, they are reknown for providing the dwarves with their nigh-impregnable fortresses.

In the event of war, the Stonebreakers serve a valued role in seige warfare. Because of their deep knowledge of constructing fortifications, they are also very knowledgeable in taking it down. Their sapping of castle walls and directing of seige weapons toward weak points in a defense is second to none.

A small unit of Stonebreakers are part of the Shields of Stonegaard, the High King’s personal guard. They see to the maintance of the Deep, the High King’s inner fortress in Stonegaard.

Stonebreakers of Note

  • First Hammer of the Stonebreakers

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