Moss Keep


Ruler: Lord Commander Fiona Joryn



The term ‘port city’ is a misnomer when applied to Moss Keep. While it does have the facilities to dock, maintain, and even construct sea faring vessels, there is no overseas trade. The primary function of Moss Keep is to maintain a vigil against raiders from the oceanic tribes.

There are several smaller ports along the southern coast that serve as naval outposts for Moss Keep but the presence maintained in this fortresses is minimal. The garrisons kept there are capable of resisting a short-term siege, relying on the swift cutters to bring relief from Moss Keep.

The nations of Impernia share a joint duty in staffing Moss Keep and it’s outposts. Ironcrest and Jorynia fill the lion’s share of the ranks but the smaller towns and cities also provide token forces.

Moss Keep

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