Impernia was so named by the first men to set foot on it’s shores in a forgotten age, not knowing at the time that other races dwelled in the lands.

From east to west, the southern shores of Impernia are dominated by marshlands. At the center of the coastline, the marshes are exceptionally thick around the river delta. This region is watched over by Moss Keep, a costal fortress-city who’s original purpose is lost to history but still stands watch against the marauders from the island tribes.

The marshes give way to vast grasslands to the north and the White Desert to the northwest. The brilliant white sands of the desert intensify the risks of desert blindness to any unprepared travelers.

The wide expanse of the plains are broken only by the Charity River and the Patience River, both wide and deep, ideal for ships to carry their trade. Mysterious towers, known to the denizens of Impernia as cistern towers are scattered across the landscape, storing and providing water to their environments through ancient magical means.

Visible from the plains, located just off center of the landmass, is a towering column of stone that reaches half a mile into the sky. Known as the Pedestal of the Heavens, it is at the heart of the Crystal Veil and the on-again, off-again home of the eladrin city of Quelinas.

It is from this pillar of stone that all seven of the land’s rivers are born, cascading from the top of the Pedestal before meandering away in all directions. The mists of these might waterfalls are what give the Crystal Veil it’s name. The water of Crystal Veil Lake, situated atop the center of the Pedestal, are so clear that one can see far into it’s depths. A continuous geyser of elemental water gushes from it’s center and is the focal point of Quelinas during it’s visits to this realm.

It is also at this midpoint of the continent that the Western Shieldwall and Eastern Ramparts, begin to climb from foothills into soaring monaliths of stone. These mountains are two of three ranges that encircle the northern reaches of the central plains.

North and east of the Crystal Veil Woods, the grasslands continue until they reach the steep and rocky mountains of the Northern Range. These plains were once lush and fertile, like the rest to the south. The grasslands in the northwest, to the immediate north of the Crystal Veil Woods, have been sacrificed in the name of industry and the region is now a dusty wasteland of open pit mines and stone quarries.

Just off the shore of the continent, to the northeast, is Maelstrom Bay. An eternal whirlpool of violent intensity, it’s terminus point is unknown to the people of Impernia.


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