Hearth Guard

The Hearth Guard, also known as the Daughters of Mya, is devoted to the protection of the families and children of the dwarves, especially in times of war. Where the the Adamantine Guard and the Stonebreakers are dedicated to the defense of Stonegaard and othe dwarven settlements, the duty of the Hearth Guard is the protection of the people themselves.

Curiously, the Hearth Guard is made up entirely of unwed dwarf women. The warriors of the Hearth Guard believe that every clan and family is their very own and in that belief, they defend each and every dwarf with the fury of a mother, wife, and daughter. Members do not take oaths against marriage. Instead, they resign from the Hearth Guard in the event that they take a spouse.

Hearth Guard of Note

  • First Daughter of Mya

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Hearth Guard

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