The deva are not counted among any of the races of Impernia, but are considered to be celestial visitors. Some claim them to the be messengers of the heavens or harbingers of darkness. Others believe them to be the personification of humanity’s hopes and dreams and a sign of coming greatness.

If one were to ask a deva, they’d deny any of these claims and reply that they are merely travelers.


Deva history is incredibly short. The first deva was seen on Impernia a scant four years ago in the Temple of the Rising Sun. Eos Dawnbringer entered the temple through the front doors (though no one outside had seen him approach the entryway) and announce himself as a scion of Pelor. The priesthood had hoped to learn more of Pelor at the feet of the angelic figure but Eos told them he could not stay long, as he had work to do on Impernia.

Over the next several months, sightings of deva were reported across the realms. Each and everyone had declared themselves to be a scion, crusader, or servant of the gods. Some churches embraced them as a sign of good fortune while others considered them to be omens of dark fates to come.


The desires, tastes, and dreams are as varied as the number of devas. As a race, they have no society or civilization from which culture can grow.


There is at least one, if not more, deva for every god recognized in the various pantheons of light. Rumors say that the dark gods have their own servants moving through the realms but no proof has been given thus far.

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