Changelings are the cursed kin of the eladrin and elves. Their past is known only to the educated among the Fey races.


The changlings as a race have very little in the way of a common history. What little they share is a curse of the Fey blood. Born to eladrin and elves, changeling babies suffer a cruel fate of birth should they be born under the wrong auspices.


None but the sages among Quelinas and Sylvandras know the cause of this curse. They do not share this knowledge freely, even with their own kindred. Instead, certain sects serve as adivsors to expectant parents or those planning on children, suggesting the best times to bring a child into the world.

In the event that a changeling is born, the parents more often than not steal into the homes of other new parents and exhange children. Usually, the baby they take in return is that of a half-elf, a child that is easier to bring into elven or eladrin society.

Through magic, the changeling child is given the form of the stolen baby. This form does not alter until they child reaches puberty, sometimes a little earlier or a little later. The discovery is, more often than not, traumatizing to the changeling and their parents. The end results vary from embracing the child as good luck (it is still of elven or eladrin descent, more so than a half-elf) to the ostracizing of the child.


Changelings, if religious, generally embrace the religion of their adopted parents.

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