The Callers are a shamanistic (but not primitive) collection of dwarves who are capabale of communicating with the elements themselves and often call on them for services to the dwarven nation.

Because of their ties with the earliest history of the dwarves, the Callers are a very respected group within dwarven society. Their role within society is not as dominant as it once was in centuries past, given the modernization of dwarven civilization. Still, they provide wisdom and insight into the world around them as well as any potential disturbances in planar interactions.

The lack of arcane support within dwarven society is replaced by the elementalists. The Callers function not only as advisors, but also as the sages and scholars of dwarvenkind. They also have a presence among artisans, fashioning magical items of elemental persuasion.

The leader of the Callers of each individual clan, usually the Elder of the local Callers, is referred to as the Chanter. In Stonegaard, the leader of each Circle holds the title of High Chanter.

Callers of Note

  • High Chanter of the Flamecallers
  • High Chanter of the Icecallers
  • High Chanter of the Stonecallers
  • High Chanter of the Stormcallers

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