There are 480 days in the Impernia calendar. The year is broken up into twelve ‘seasons’, each named for the gods that are accepted into the lives of most mortals.

Season of Life (spring)
Season of Corellon
Season of Melora
Season of Erathis

Season of Glory (summer)
Season of Pelor
Season of Bahamut
Season of Moradin

Season of Reflection (autumn)
Season of Sehanine
Season of Ioun
Season of Avandra

Season of Woe (winter)
Season of the Raven Queen (this season is extended, as the Raven Queen’s touch is especially felt this time of year)
Season of Kord

Each season broken into five 8-day weeks:

  • Day of the Sun (Pelor’s Day)
  • Day of Law (Erathis’ Day)
  • Day of the Forge (Moradin’s Day)
  • Day of Magic (Corellon’s Day)
  • Day of the Moon (Sehanine’s Day)
  • Day of Wisdom (Ioun’s Day)
  • Day of Storms (Kord’s Day)
  • Day of Transformation (Avandra’s Day)


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