Tag: Crystal Veil


  • Quelinas

    h1. Quelinas The [[Eladrin|eladrin]] city of Quelinas is a marvel of arcane architecture. Located in the [[Crystal Veil Lake]], high atop the [[The Pedestal of the Heavens|Pedestal of the Heavens]], the city floats mere inches above the surface of the …

  • Elves

    WIP The elves, like the [[Eladrin|eladrin]], are not truly natives to Impernia. They are descendants of the first eladrin to travel here, the bloodlines having chosen to remain in the woods surrounding the [[The Pedestal of the Heavens|Pedestal of the …

  • Gnomes

    WIP Gnomes are yet another immigrant race from the Feywild. These diminutive beings are less abundant than their taller elven and eladrin neighbors but still play a part in the intricate balance of power within the [[The Crystal Veil|Crystal Veil]].

  • Shifters

    WIP Shifters as a race are made up several tribes of similar sub-races and are scattered across the lands. The two primary tribes are the Longtooth and the Razorclaw. The Longtooth tribe dwells with in the [[The Northern Range|Northern Range]] and …