Empire Reforged

Story of Mar-Rel SylphRost
Chock full of scientific facts!

Just before winter’s cold embrace took hold of the land, Mar-Rel had set out of the Eladrin city of Que(chris fix the rest of that) on a mission to explore the ancient remnants of fey presence on Impirnia, the likes of which were either lost or forgotten. He had been studying for weeks at the Worlds University in River’s Run, with no avail. Suddenly one day, an angelic Deva, colored of copper and bronze entered the great library at the Worlds University. Her name was Nevah, strong willed and keen of mind. She sought knowledge of the hundred year gap, a time when all was forgotten. Although there is record of Fey presence long before the gap, Mar-Rel wondered if perhaps there was a correlation between the gap and the Fey. He promptly introduced himself to Nevah, luckily she was open to the help and in return he would teach her all her had learned so that she may collect more knowledge, for Nevah was a devout follower of Iuon, goddess of knowledge. During their studies, Mar-Rel and Nevah came upon three major clues. A book from the Iron Crest War college, A book from (drawing a blank), and a most peculiar book from a place that was thought not to exist, The clockwork citadel. But now the two had exhausted all the resources in all of River’s Run, it finally came time to leave, but Mar-Rel was as frail as a new born kobold and Nevah had no formal combat training. What they needed was a few heroes, some just strong enough to defend them in a pinch, but just ripe enough to not understand the dangers they will be undertaking. The pair of scholars headed to the Temple of Moradin, there is always a young, drunk dwarf that is ready to prove his mettle at any time.

Season of Change

The air is crisp and the trees are in their full red and gold glory of autumn. The township of River’s Run is in the midst of it’s Avandran celebrations, the last days before the harsh winter season sets in.

Travelers from across the lands have gathered to share information from the past year one last time before the Raven Queen’s touch makes such trips too hazardous without the costly expense of portal travel.

It is a time of tale-telling and trade. Hearths in the various inns burn warmly and the World Academy is a-buzz with the exchange of knowledge. Soon, River’s Run will be a quiet place, waiting for it’s visitors that come with the next spring.

To a particular group of visitors, the end of the year marks the beginning of a new adventure.


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