Victor Joryn

High Curator of River's Run


Race: Human

Age: 54 years

more to come


Victor Joryn is part of the legendary Joryn bloodline, the founders of human civilization on Impernia. He is a direct descendant of Ivar Joryn, the youngest brother of the first Emperor Vengar Joryn, who was left in charge of River’s Run when the Emperor continued northward to expand his empire with the majority of his host.

Born and raised within River’s Run, Victor had very little contact with his cousins as he grew up. As a result, he has little understanding of them outside of the usual political messages that are far and few between. Because of the distances involved, he very rarely travels to the other social centers of mankind.

The lack of political turmoil and the overabundance of open-mindedness in River’s Run has lead to Victor being a very lenient leader. In the eyes of many of his cousins, this makes him soft and unaccetable as a leader of a town as influential as River’s Run. To the locals, he is a generous and flexible leader. They laud him and his predecessors as a major force behind the development of the community as a hub intercultural harmony.

The High Curator is very much deserving of the title, as he is greatly intrigued by the various cultures that share their history and arts. He is a regular presence at World Academy, participating in as many classes as his schedule allows. Victor is far from mastering any of the courses but is considered to be highly knowledgeable in many areas.

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Victor Joryn

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