Mar-Rel Sylphrost

Mar-Rel, is a student first and foremost, even as an adventurer he continues to experiment and learn about new arcana.


Ma-Rel Sylphrost, level 1
Eladrin, Wizard (Arcanist)
Arcane Implement Mastery Option: Wand of Accuracy
Occupation – Scholar (+2 to Arcana)
Theme: Alchemist

STR 10, CON 14, DEX 13, INT 20, WIS 10, CHA 8

STR 10, CON 14, DEX 11, INT 18, WIS 10, CHA 8

AC: 15 Fort: 12 Ref: 15 Will: 13
HP: 24 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 6

Arcana +14, Dungeoneering +5, History +12, Nature +5, Religion +10

Acrobatics +1, Athletics +0, Bluff –1, Diplomacy –1, Endurance +2, Heal +0, Insight +0, Intimidate –1, Perception +0, Stealth +1, Streetwise –1, Thievery +1

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Eladrin Racial Power: Fey Step
Wand of Accuracy Power: Wand of Accuracy
Wizard Utility: Suggestion
Wizard Utility: Whispering Wind
Wizard Utility: Chameleon’s Mask
Wizard Utility: Spook
Wizard Attack 1: Freezing Cloud
Wizard Attack 1: Erupting Flare
Wizard Attack 1: Freezing Burst
Wizard Attack 1: Chill Strike
Wizard Attack 1: Fountain of Flame

Level 1: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Bitter Cold

Brew Potion
Cloth Armor (Basic Clothing) x1
Adventurer’s Kit
Wand Implement x1
Alchemist’s Acid
Alchemist’s Acid (level 1)


Mar-Rel Silphrost, was a high achiever in school even at an early age. His intellect and sometimes radical ideas made him a bit of a social outcast growing up. Mar-Rel’s family is part of the winter court although not high enough in the ranks to be considered truly noble. Mar-Rel completed his lower level education top of class, and began attending college in Quelinas specializing in evocations. Upon graduation, Mar-Rel still had no real world experience and set out to put his knowledge to good use. The Eladrin sage had sent him into the material plane, many felt it was to get rid of him, by Mar-Rel was certain to uncover ancient arcane secrets buried deep in the world of Impernia. Mar-Rel was strong in mind, but had a very frail body. He know knew that he must make friends with these odd creatures of the material plane, for there is strength in numbers.

Mar-Rel Sylphrost

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