A Broken Empire

Long ago, the lands of Man stood united and shared friendly relations with the other civilized races of Impernia. One hundred and fifty years ago, that all ended. A large segment of the shared history of Impernia was lost from memory and records. This gap sparked a war that would lead to the splintering of the age old Jorynian Empire and create tension between the various scions of Joryn and the other races.

Seasons have changed and decades have passed, more change is coming and it will require the cooperation of the nations of Impernia. Still, the blood of Joryn bickers about the rightful heirs to the Empire. Which family will rise to the Imperial throne and reunite the realms of Man?

Welcome to Empire Reforged!

This is very much a work in progress as I fill in the gaps from my scattered notes and even more scattered memories. The land of Impernia was originally created during my high school years and slowly evolved over the years and editions of Dungeons & Dragons.

Some of the material may come across as vague or filled with holes. This information is intentionally withheld until the characters learn these secrets as the story unfolds. The facts and details will slowly be unveiled as the characters discover them.

The Empire Reforged wiki is right here, ready for perusal, even it’s unfinished state.









  • Added map with markers


Empire Reforged

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